Explore Japan’s top thriving sports

Like in any other culture, sport is very important in Japanese society and the entertainment sector. Therefore, it makes sense for tourists to wander and take in a little bit more of the wide variety of sports that the nation has to offer. Within the Japanese population, sports are among the most significant activities and have a major impact on the physical well-being of the general population of the country. Here are some of the top thriving sports in the country including betting tips on them:


Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan. Japanese players have embraced the game since American educators first brought it to Japan in the 1800s. Japan is home to the second-biggest professional baseball league in the world: The Nippon Professional Baseball League (NPB), sees twelve teams compete for the prestigious Japan Series title.

Although local bookmakers don’t allow betting on baseball, there are many chances for bettors to bet online at overseas bookies. Here, they are sure to find value because each NPB team plays 143 regular games. Data-focused bettors thus have a lot of opportunities due to large sample sizes and relatively settled rosters.


In Japan, tennis is a highly favoured sport, particularly among the younger demographic. It’s an exciting, fast-paced sport where winning demands quick thinking, skill, and speed. Kei Nishikori and Naomi Osaka are just two of the many Japanese tennis players who have achieved success abroad.

Concerns about weather, injuries, and disqualifications can arise when playing tennis. For this reason, you have to understand basic tennis match betting rules like walkover, disruptions and retirement from the match. This is especially true when using online bookmakers to bet on Japanese tennis games, as each has different rules about whether or not a bet will stand following a player’s retirement from the game.

Sumo Wrestling

For centuries, Sumo wrestling has been a popular traditional sport in Japan. Millions of people of all ages all over Japan watch this sport, and it’s a must-see for any visitor, too. Japanese sumo wrestlers are famous worldwide for their size and strength, which makes it a unique viewing experience.

There are numerous top tournaments held each year in Japan, but betting on sumo wrestling is typically restricted to fights involving the best sumo wrestlers. These top tournaments are known as the Natsu Basho, Haru Basho, and the Hatsu Basho. Sumo wrestling betting is available in two primary ways: you can place bets on which wrestler will win in a tournament or on the outcome of specific matches.


Unquestionably one of the most popular sports in Japan is soccer, or football as it is known there. Football gained popularity after Japan started competing in international competitions in the 1960s. With multiple professional teams and a thriving domestic league, the sport has experienced exponential growth since then.

In Japan, it is legal to bet on the J-League but only through the Toto lottery system. The Toto lottery system is not like any single-game wagering policy that punters are used to. It is not necessary for punters to understand the game in order to use this method.


Over the past few decades, basketball has become more and more popular in Japan. Although American soldiers brought it to the nation following World War II, it wasn’t until the 1990s that it gained widespread acceptance. Basketball is becoming more and more popular in Japan because it can be played indoors during the rainy season.


Combat sports like boxing have their roots in Ancient Greece and were later taken up by the Japanese during the Meiji period. Japanese boxers have achieved success in international competitions due to their reputation for strength and skill. Again, betting on boxing is quite popular as there are only two possible outcomes. Punters can consider the speed and power of the fighter, their technique, and any old or recent injuries.


Japan is very rich in sports culture meaning there is something to bet on for every sports fan, from classics like sumo and baseball to emerging favourites like basketball. The Japanese betting scene offers a distinctive fusion of tradition and modernity, making it an exciting place to bet. The gambling industry in Japan is made up of three segments and is valued at several trillion Japanese yen, and it’s only expected to grow as the above sports become more and more popular.