Record-breaking sex toy sales during pandemic

Sex toy sales peak during Corona (COVID-19) pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and the coronavirus has hit hard on economies all over the world. People have been let off and businesses have had to close for good. A harsh reality that has become a part of everyday life for far too many. But there are exceptions. One of those exceptions is resellers of sex toys in Sweden. As part of a fortunate few, Njutningen is seeing the contrary for its site. Traffic has peaked during the pandemic with the best sales records.

A visible trend for a majority of businesses in adult toys

Njutningen are not alone to have noticed the increase of sales. The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) reports record-breaking numbers for sex toy sales. In an interview for SvD Carl-Magnus Öhrstedt, marketing executive for Purefun Group, states an increase in traffic by 80% that mainly consists of new customers. The estimated turnover for 2020 is SEK 140-150 million, compared to SEK 100 million in 2019. The same pattern repeats itself for a number of other related businesses. From online pharmacies with adult toys to comparison sites, reports SvD.

Sex toys for both him and her

The increase in demand for sex toys does not seem to be isolated to a single product nor category. Thus further pointing towards a direct effect of COVID-19 with its implications on everyday life, rather than a natural change. ”Some categories and products have a slightly more distinct increase in traffic. But we see an inflation in the amount of visitors for everything, from sex dolls to dildos. This kind of significant increase hasnt been recorded by us before. Neither for sex toys for him nor her.” says Claudia at Njutningen.

Will there be a future decrease

A future decrease in sales is expected when life once again turns to normal. At least it is not ruled out by Njutningen. ”But you never know. There may be a significant amount of people that have discovered something new because of the isolation and restrictions. There could be parallels to the realization of the benefits of working from home.”, Claudia adds. In these uncertain times nobody simply knows. At the same time it is a phenomenon that is hard to predict or make reliable calculations of. What we however do know is that there are a lot more (hopefully) happy and sexually satisfied people in Sweden after this.