Top 5 unique christening gifts for a boy or a girl

You will find this article useful in case you are looking for something special and unique for a christening. Here you are not going to find tips as a silver brush, a luxury blanket, a necklace or a birth record frame. These are our top 5 unique and special gifts for both a boy and a girl. All these tips are even suitable for naming, humanist or unitarian ceremonies.

Tip nr. 1 – A good time on a swing

A handmade baby swing from Videung of Sweden. A Swedish brand with adorable and handmade indoor swings. Super high quality, reasonable pricing and unique designs. The fact is that babies and toddler really enjoy swinging – so what could be a better gift! Swinging can be both calming and playful for the baby and highly appreciated by parents who now and then appreciate a warm cup of coffee. Videung of Sweden offers two different models – swings from 3 month of age and swings from 6 months.

Tip nr. 2 – The practical christening gift

Helper tower – a pedagogical and appreciated gift. A helper tower’s logic is based on Montessori pedagogy and helps to include your child in cooking or everyday home activities. There are several different companies offering a helper tower. But keep in mind that the tower needs to be stable enough. Also, it is only suitable for use from 18 months of age. Some examples of companies selling helper towers in the EU are: Ette Tete, Craffox, Meow Baby, Duck Woodworks.

Tip nr. 3 – Enjoyable for generations to come

Plant a tree! Environmentally friendly and a longtime investment. An apple tree for instance can even bring a lot of joy when the child gets older and can eat some apples from their very own apple tree. Suitable for house owners with their own garden.

Tip nr. 4 – Memories lasting a lifetime

Book a baby photoshoot. Should be done directly when the baby is still a newborn. These pictures will be unforgettable and highly appreciated in a longer term – both by the parents and the child. A christening gift that you can go back to during the child’s whole lifetime. And something the child will be able to show children of their own one day.

Tip nr. 5 – The eternal gift

Last but not least – name a star. We mean really – a real star! What could be nicer than naming a star in the sky after the family’s little baby! Several different companies offer that opportunity. Usually a certificate of naming is included and coordinates to the specific star. You can later in life gift a telescope so you can look after the star in the sky together. As there are several companies offering this kind of gift it’s best to use Google to find one that is active in your area.