What’s my net worth – and how to increase it in 12 months

Do you know your net worth? Your net worth is your value. It is your worth when you clear all credit obligations. Understanding this aspect is important in planning your future. It guides you on the area you need to work on to enhance your financial health and create wealth. Without knowing how much you are worth, you have a high possibility of going into a financial crisis.

For this reason, knowing what to do instead of just asking ”What is my net worth” should be a priority for everyone. Learning  to increase your net worth can enhance your financial life. If you are seeking to up your value in one year, here are some ways to do it.

Review and repay your debt

No doubt, debt has a huge impact on your net worth. Also, an increase in your liabilities reduces to a reduction in your net value. However, not all debts are bad, so it is essential to review them. Review your liabilities will help you know the ones having a huge threat to your net worth.

When you identify them, you can repay them immediately. Such loans include consumable debts such as credit cards. The consumable credits attract huge interests without proportionate financial benefits. As such, you need to repay and avoid them to stabilize your net worth.

Go for saving accounts with interests

Saving is important for every person. Having some savings can save you from taking high-interest loans in case of an emergency. However, saving alone is not enough. You need to keep your money where it can multiply and grow.

Some savings account offer interest in deposited amounts. The interest differs from one financial institution to another. Also, some offer different savings account. Regardless of the institution, always ensure that you save your money on a savings account where it can grow. This way, you will increase your net worth in 12 months. But beware of dropping interest rates. In some cases, intresset rates may even drop below zero, according to BBC.

Work on your expenses

How do you spend your money? Your spending habit has a huge impact on your net worth. People who spend a huge amount of their money on investment and savings enjoy growth in the net value. Same way, people whose money go to expenses are likely to end up in a financial crisis.

One way to get a boost is to work on your expenses. Assess your expenses and reduce unnecessary expenditures. For instance, you should eliminate any cost that does not add value to your life, such as subscriptions to services you no longer use. Lowering your expenses and directing that amount to your savings will be perfect to increase your net worth.

Invest your income

Investment is the ultimate way to boost your net worth. When you earn an income, your first priority should be to invest it. Investing creates new income streams. With the additional income, you will meet your obligation without much struggle or borrowing. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and follow latest business trends. As an example, top Tencent investor makes a $4.7 billion on digital payment methods in India, reports CNN.

In a word, you now know how to increase your net worth in 12 months. Try implementing these strategies and see if they will work.